Snowmobile Mania

How to use

Go to admin panel to download software, Extract rar file to a folder

IF .NetFramework 2.0 is not installed on your PC please download and install.
Download link:

1. login this website using your admin ID to add IDs first

2. click add account button to add IDs

3. click start work

before you stop working click stop work button
after the status goes pause,close the software

Some captchas you see are Russian captchas and contain letters which you cannot type. Example:

In this case you MUST click "ESC" on your keybord, its the same as you press "alt+q" on the website.

Note: please Do not use teamwork IDs, or it will login failed.

If any problem, please contact:

Besides, all other captcha softwares available. More details please visit: